Sublimation Blank Products

ApparelTech offers a large selection of sublimation supplies for printing on Tshirts, hoodies,  mugs, bottles, cushions, keychains, phone cases, photo frames etc. Start with a sublimation machine, printer and inks from ApparelTech. Then grab some sublimation paper and printable blanks and you’ll be ready to start generating huge profits on personalized products.

What is sublimation printing? Sublimation printing is an integrate process of printing that primarily involves printing on a special sheet of paper, afterwards transferring that image onto another material. The ink is then heated with the help of machines till it disintegrates with the output product. All our prints remain great for years without any fading or scratching.

Start with a sublimation machine, sublimation printer and sublimation inks from ApparelTech. Then grab some sublimation paper and sublimation printable blanks and you’ll be ready to start generating huge profits on personalized products. Sublimation business is very fulfilling and profitable. Lakhs of individuals and startup companies are making ready money with dye sublimation by creating amazing personalized items for family members, local community groups, online platforms (like Amazon, Flipkart, and Facebook) and local paying customers.

Manufacturer of a wide range of Sublimation products which include sublimation blank mugs, sublimation T-Shirts, sublimation Photo Frames, sublimation cushions, sublimation glass photo frames, and sublimation rock stones, ApparelTech has it all for you!

A customized gift serves as a gesture of affection, love, and gratitude in a remarkable way that shows the receiver that they are adored and acknowledged for the special place they hold in your life. We at ApparelTech, are here for all your gift solutions. Pick our sublimation blank products and step into a whole new world of gifting.

Have a look at the below mentioned sublimation blank products and kick start your gifting business today!

Sublimation Blank Bottles (21)

Sublimation Blank Cushions (13)

Sublimation Blank Glass Photo Frames (10)

Sublimation Blank LED Photo Frames (12)

Sublimation Blank Mug (21)

Sublimation Blank Photo Frames (67)

T-Shirts & Hoodies (16)